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The Alta Bar started with  three simple ideas: most energy bars out there don't do the trick, athletes need better energy, and wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to make a bar that tastes great and makes the world a better place?

Hundreds of days a year in the backcountry left us hungry. So we started making energy bars in our kitchen in Alta, Utah. We wanted something that tasted good, didn't have us grabbing for another snack in 15 minutes, and wasn't full of junk and fillers.

We knew that chia seeds contain fiber, protein, healthy fats, calcium, and  many more nutrients essential for a healthy body and life. So we chocked the bars full of chia seeds. 




We added nuts and fruits to the milled chia and a few tasty items to bind it, like almond butter, honey, and dates.

After years of tweaking the recipe and doling out bars for hungry and demanding hordes of skiers, climbers, mountain bikers, runners, and hikers in Utah, we decided to go big and share our treasure with the world.

Get ready to satisfy your need for nutrition and energy with a bar that taste great and kicks in to keep the adventure going.  

We like to do nice things for nice people, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to Pencils of Promise, a non-profit that believes every child should have access to quality education, and creates schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all. 

See what our totally neutral tasting panel thinks:

When I eat an Alta Bar, I run up mountains. Faster.

— Steve, founder Scott Lommele's brother